Finger Biscuits With Pearl Sugar - Camillo


Ingredients: 00 flour, egg yolk, butter, sugar, potato starch, acacia Italian honey, ammonium bicarbonate.

Weight: gr. 250 – 8.82 oz.

Crumbly biscuits enriched with granulated sugar. Very tasty for your breakfast or snack with tea, milk or cappuccino. You can enrich these cookies with our bitter dark chocolate cream La Cremeria del Lago.

High quality food following the recipes handed down through generations of great culinary experience and love for the profession. Our products follow the philosophy of the house: search for taste and tradition, exaltation of perfumes, respect of nature. That is why our experienced chefs have developed a line of delicacies, sweets, and other all-natural delights, no preservatives or dyes, rich in properties nutrients and flavor.

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